Due to the low temperature, the high beeches aren’t coming into leaf yet, and some bluebells keep waiting to flower. The fairy-tale will continue until the end of April for sure. It is worth the while to experience spring in the wood on any sunny day. Low beeches have translucent green leaves, and combined with the purple-blue flower carpet, it is a mesmerising sight. It is more quite during the week. On Saturday afternoon 22 April there is the yearly ‘bluebell jogging’. That whole day, Houtveld can not be used as a car park. Try to come another time, if you can. Also next weekend, P2, P3 and P8 can not be reached by car, but there is a free shuttle bus. Part of P8 is where the buses turn, please respect this and do not park your car there. Today and tomorrow, ARTE France is in the forest to make recordings for a documentary on wild bluebells. It’s admirable how this cameraman makes the most stunning pictures, staying on the path, not setting a single foot on the flowers and not walking between the flowers at all.