Bluebell festival 2024

Please note: the car parks at the Hallerbos are limited in number and capacity. Due to the works on the ecoduct over the Brussels Ring RO, the traffic situation has changed and the number of parking spaces is therefore considerably lower than normal. Illegal parkers run the risk of being fined.

If you come by car at the weekend or on a public holiday, it is best to park it in the free car park in the ‘Welkomstlaan’ near the city center of Halle. From there you take the free shuttle bus (see below) to Parking 11 (Houtveld/Pijpaenshoek intersection).

Practical information – (update 16/04/2024)

  • Access – entrance
    Entrance to the forest is free. The parking lots and temporary toilets are also free.
    There are no catering facilities in the forest. Please bring a bottle of water. Good walking shoes are also recommended.
  • Parking
    From Saturday April 6 and at least until Sunday May 5, the Vlasmarktdreef will be closed and Parking 2 ‘Bosmuseum’ cannot be reached by car. It is recommended to use Parking 1 ‘Hogebermweg’ or Parking 11 ‘Houtveld’. Tip: come during the week, it is much quieter then or park your car in Halle on the days when the free shuttle bus runs. Ideal to combine your visit to the Hallerbos with a visit to Halle. Take the parking rules into account.
  • Free shuttle bus
    On April 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 and May
    1, there is a free shuttle bus between Halle ‘Stationsplein’ and Parking 11 every half hour from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and every 20 minutes on Sundays and May 1  (intersection Houtveld/Pijpaenshoek). In Halle there is also a stop on the ‘Welkomstlaan’ (where there is a long parking area).
    On those same days a separate smaller free shuttle bus is provided for people with disabilities that takes them to the edge of the forest, where the ‘Plateau walk’ starts, which is accessible to wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility. Reservations are required via tel. 02 365 98 50 –
  • Bicycle rent
    There is bicycle rental at the station in Halle (INTRO group). From Saturday April 13 to Wednesday May 1. On weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends and public holidays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During weekends and public holidays, the bicycles are free while supplies last.
  • Blue-bikes
    At the station of Halle are Blue-bikes, both in the bike point or with a digital lock. From the railway station in Halle to the Hallerbos is 4.9 km.
  • Less mobile card
    From Saturday April 6, people with a less mobile card can find reserved places at Parking 4 (Dries 3 – 1500 Halle, during weekends only accessible via ‘Vroenenbos’). The ‘Plateau walk’ departs from the car park to the center of the forest. The course is flat and marked with posts with a ‘white-black’ head. There are rest benches at regular intervals. Please note: during weekends and on May 1, this parking is completely and exclusively reserved for people with a less mobile card.
  • By bus (regular service, not for free)
    On working days.
    From Halle station to the ‘Vlasmarkt’ stop on the Nijvelsesteenweg (4 minutes from the Forest Museum): line 114 of the TEC (10 minutes by bus). Timetable, see: or timetable TEC 114 (enter 114 on the TEC website, click on ‘search’ and select the date in the calendar). Please note: from here you must follow the diversion via Pijpaenshoek to reach the forest east of the RO. The Vlasmarktdreef has been interrupted by the construction of the ecoduct.
    From Halle station to the ‘Hallerbosstraat’ stop: line R55 of the Lijn (12 minutes by bus + 10 minutes on foot to the Hogebermweg ‘P1’, forest entrance). Timetable, see:
    During the weekends and May 1st.
    From Halle station to the ‘Hallerbosstraat’ stop: line R55 of the Lijn (12 minutes by bus + 10 minutes on foot to the Hogebermweg ‘P1’, forest entrance). Timetable, see:
  • Coaches
    On working days.
    Parking 11 – Houtveld (near the intersection with ‘Pijpaenshoek’) – entrance via ‘Kasteelstraat’ – see map.
    During the weekends and May 1st.
    Drop off and pick up groups at the ‘Hallerbosstraat’ stop of the Lijn R55 bus (near the Hogebermweg entrance). Coaches can park at the Nederhem car park in the center of Halle.
  • Toilets
    From Saturday April 6 to Sunday May 5 there are toilet cabins at Parking 1 (Hogebermweg), Parking 11 (Houtveld) and Parking 2 (Bosmuseum). There is a toilet trailer at the ‘Bospaviljoen’.
  • Dogs
    The dog walking area next to Parking 1 (Hogebermweg) has been temporarily reduced. In the forest, dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Campers – mobilhomes
    For those who come with a camper: it is not allowed to spend the night in the Hallerbos car parks. The closest overnight accommodation for campers is Camping Residence Park Oasis in 1654 Huizingen – Reiberg 27 – 5.9 km from the forest.
  • Drones
    The use of drones is prohibited in the forest.

  • Annuel Bluebell jogging (Bluebelltrail)
    On Saturday April 20th in the afternoon. Brings extra crowds into the forest.

Main accessibility rules

  • The forest is only accessible on the official trails (see hiking map). What looks like a trail but is not on the trail map is not a trail.
  • Even where there is no rope hanging during the bluebell festival, people are not allowed to leave the paths.
  • You must also stay on the paths to take photos.
  • Throw rubbish in the bin or, if possible, take it back home.
  • Dogs are welcome in the forest but must be kept on a leash. There is an off-leash dog park next to car park 1 (Hogebermweg).
  • The use of drones is prohibited in the forest (MB – TR – artikel 6.6.).
  • Don’t pick flowers.
  • It is forbidden to make fire in the forest, BBQ is also prohibited (MB – TR – artikel 6.4.).
  • The forest is only accessible from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. (MB – TR – article 2.3.).
  • Spending the night in the car parks (in campers) is not permitted (MB – TR – article 5.4.).
  • Some parts of the bridleway are not accessible to walkers and cyclists. These are indicated by pictograms at the entrance to the path.
  • Some icons you will see in the forest:


wandelaars verboden
path prohibided for walkers

pad verboden voor fietsers
path prohibited for bikers

Did you know …

Bluebells are delicate and easily damaged, especially if they’re trodden on. Damage can prevent the leaves from photosynthesizing, causing the plant to die back. Bluebells take many years to get established, so minor damage can have long-lasting impact. Help to look after the bluebells by sticking to the official pathways. By doing so you do not compact the soil and new plants can germinate. In this way, the forest remains magically beautiful in the spring for future generations.