The beautiful, atmospheric fairytale time has now begun in the forest. Every sunny day it is worth visiting the forest and enjoying the exceptional spring splendor while walking. The flowering of the wood anemones is past its peak. There are still beautiful specimens to be found here and there. But due to the warm weekend, the bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) are now the most striking spring bloomers in the forest. Every day more flowers appear and the flower stems stretch so that the flowers grow above the narrow leaves and the blue-purple flower carpet becomes more and more intense. The flanks of the valleys are also gradually turning into a wavy blue sea of ​​flowers. On sunny days, the transparent fresh green leaves of the low beech trees create a unique fairytale atmosphere. Hopefully it will be a bit colder in the coming days because here and there the large, tall beech trees are already growing leaves. Many other beautiful spring flowers are now blooming along the edges of the paths. Bear’s garlic is also starting to bloom and that is very early.

Please note that you are visiting, and are welcome, in a European protected nature reserve with very fragile vegetation. Out of respect for the forest and its inhabitants, please strictly adhere to the accessibility rules and thus help the protection of the forest.