With only a few warm, sunny spring days, it has not been a wonderful spring so far for the spring bloomers. After the wild daffodils and the wood anemones, the bluebells have now also received several heavy rain showers. And that can be seen in the flowers. There are also bluebells that have already wilted and where the fruit is starting to form. Bear’s garlic or Ramsoms blooms in the moist and calcareous places and, after the wood anemones, provides a second white flower carpet in the forest. Lily of the valley grows in more acidic places. So far, it has not bloomed profusely in the Hallerbos. Here and there you can see beautiful bunches of bell-shaped flowers. Less noticeable because they do not form extensive flower carpets, yellow archangel, spiked rampion, herb-paris, Solomon’s seal, garlic mustard, lords-and-ladies, greater stitchwort, herb-robert and dog violets bloom along the paths. Seedlings of beech, lime, maple and oak grow between all those herbs. The tall beech trees continue to grow leaves and gradually less light will reach the forest floor. It is important to keep an eye on the rain radar. Every sunny day it is worth planning a walk in the woods and enjoying the spring display of colours. Be sure to wear good walking shoes.

Next Saturday afternoon, April 20, it will be the annual ‘Bluebelljogging’, now for the first time ‘Bluebelltrail’ because it is also possible to walk. Please note that it will be a little busier in the forest.