Pine Marten Plan

Plan BoommarterTo the South of Halle, there are several forests and nature areas of special ecological value: Hallerbos, Lembeekbos, Maasdalbos, Verdronken Toren, Berendries, Steenputbeek, and Warandepark.
These areas are under threat from the urbanisation of the Brussels region. It is not only nature that suffers from the pressure of urbanisation. We, too, need enough green space.

This is why the city of Halle, the Agency for Nature and Forest, Natuurpunt Halle and the Regionaal Landschap Pajottenland en Zennevallei are executing a project to connect the existing forests and natural areas to the south of Halle and to extend them where possible.
The pine marten was chosen as a mascot for this project.

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