Forest reserves Hallerbos

Forest reserve Hallerbos

Four specific areas in the Hallerbos have been designated as forest reserve, because of their high ecological value: ‘Kluisberg’, ‘Jansheidberg’, ‘Vallei van de Hallebeek’ and ‘Vroenenbos’.
Together they form the forest reserve Hallerbos with a total area of approximately 100 hectares. Within this area, valuable and rare plants such as Wood spurge, Spiked Rampion, Common spotted orchid, Bear’s Garlic, Golden-saxifrage and Herb-Paris, grow. On the higher parts there are dry sandy places where heather plants grow. Three streams have their source in the forest reserve, the ‘Kapittelbeek’, the ‘Steenputbeek’ and ‘Hallebeek’.

Integral and focused forest management

‘Kluisberg’, ‘Jansheidberg’ and ‘Vallei van de Hallebeek’ are managed as integral forest reserves. Initially exotic plants were removed to give the natural flora and fauna the best possible chance to thrive, but now nature is left alone to develop freely. There is no exploitation of wood or any other products. Trees that die just stand until they fall and form the habitat for many mosses, fungi and invertebrates such as insects, worms, …

In Vroenenbos, the valley area is also managed as an integral forest reserve, but in the part of the former seed orchard, a focused management is conducted. Some open areas are mowed, others are extensively grazed. Parts of the seed orchard are currently being converted to heath and grassland. The grazed area will be increased in the future.