Week of the forest

Autumn gives the forest a large palette of colours. It is wonderful to walk through the fallen leaves.

Educational walks (in Dutch) for schools accompanied by a nature guide:

Target Group Theme of the walk Content
kindergarten (upto 5 years old) Gnome and troll path The forest troll has stolen the gnome’s travel suitcase. What will happen now?
Primary school: (6 years old) Squirrel Path Discover the life of squirrels through games and tasks.
Primary school: (7 years old) Sensory Trail Enjoy nature by watching, smelling, feeling, hearing and tasting it.
Primary school: (8 years old) Little tickling beasts path Afraid of all those little tickling beasts? … We go and look for them together and discover how useful these creatures are in nature.
Primary school (9 years old) Toadstool discovery Composter; friends or enemies to trees? We are introduced to the wonderful world of fungi.
Primary school (10 years old) Where is the Forester? In an active experience tour in the forest we discover the secrets of the forest together with the ‘Forester’.
Primary school (11 years old) Using a map and a compass we try to find the “massive mammoth” Is it a giant elephant, a thick toadstool or something else? While looking for it, we learn a great deal about the forest, and in the end, we will surely find it!
  • All walks start in the morning at 9.15 and 10.45. In the afternoon at 13.15.
  • Depart and arrive at the forest museum.
  • A walk takes 90 minutes and the fee is 25 euro (for a class).
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