It is getting more difficult for the sun to reach the flowers as the canopy of leaves gets denser. Even then, it is worthwhile to visit the wood. The bluebells that bloomed first are withering, and the flower carpet is fading. In the valleys where blooming started later, bluebells still have their purple blue colour. Meanwhile, Greater Stitchwort, Yellow Archangel and the beautiful Herb Paris are blooming. When visiting the wood, please observe the main accessibility rule: always stay on the official paths so as not to make worse the damage that has been done to the very fragile vegetation. Also when making pictures: stay on the official paths. Continue for a while along the path and you will come to beautiful places. On many places the bluebells are just along the paths. It is only when trampling on them that they retreat. You are in a fragile and protected nature reserve. Respect it, and do not destroy it.