Bluebells turn the forest green for now, with their long tapering leaves. There are some flowers already, but not enough to turn the forest blue.
If you, like many visitors, wish to take pictures of this magical setting, always keep in mind to stick to the paths. This makes a huge difference to preserve the flowers. All official trails are on the hiking map. If the forest ground is covered in leaves, this is not a path.
Sticking to the path, you will come along stunning places. On many places the flowers grow just next to the path, walk a bit further along the path, and you will see one beautiful setting after the other. Do not ever set foot on forest soil. Getting trampled on, and compaction of the soil, is the worst for spring bloomers. On these places, no flowers will grow any more.
So you too can play an important part in conserving this beautiful forest: sticking to the paths.