The daffodils are now at their most beautiful. Celandine, the other springflower with yellow flowers, blooms also beautifully. Everywhere in the forest, wood anemone flowers appear, like white little stars. But as with Celandine, they need the sun to open. When it rains, the flowers of celandine stay closed and the flowers of the wood Anemone hang down to keep their pollen dry. In the parts of the forest with bluebells, the green of their leaves is the predominant colour. With the softer temperature, blooming is gradually starting. But it is too early for a blue forest. The morning, when everything is still quiet in the woods, is the ideal time to observe roe deer. If you see a deer, it’s best to stand still and be very quiet. Then you have the chance that they do not run away immediately. Roe deer see every movement very well and they hear every sound with their big ears. The does are now pregnant. Dog-fanciers: keep your dog on a leash, so they do not hunt the deer.