Due to the colder weather in the last month the evolution of the bloom has come on the same schedule of the last few years. Many wild daffodils are still in bud. The most beautiful period for the daffodils will be the last 10 days of March. Wood anemones start to bloom, but the plants and flowers are very small still. The bluebells are forming leaves now. Some flower buds are discernible, but deeply between the leaves, well sheltered for the cold. Celandine blooms beautifully along the edges of the paths.
If you can come only once to the forest, especially to enjoy the bluebells, you must have some patience, and wait for the first warm days of spring. If you have the opportunity to come several times, you can already enjoy the forest and its spring flowers. In the morning, woodpeckers are drumming to proclaim their territory, jays keep guard, nuthatches sing, the roe deer enjoy the quiet of the morning.