The wild daffodils have spoiled us this year with a long beautiful bloom! They will stay beautiful until the next weekend. Meanwhile moschatel blossoms as well, it is one of the least conspicuous spring bloomers, with small green flowers with a typical structure of inflorescence resembling a dice. The anemones are at their most beautiful now. On the slopes and in the valleys the bloom of the hyacinths has yet to begin, but on some plateaus where the sun can warm the soil, a more intense violet-blue colour gradually appears. There are plenty of spring flowers to enjoy: celandine, wild daffodils, anemones and bluebells. However, if you come especially for the fairytale atmosphere with the wild hyacinths, it is better to wait some time still. The forest is quieter during the week than at weekends. If you come by car: please take into account the changed traffic conditions. Note to photographers and filmmakers: the use of drones is not allowed in the forest.