The canopy is getting more dense as the beeches are getting more leaves. Only some of the sunlight can still reach the bluebells. As long as the bluebells get enough sunlight, they ‘ll keep their purple-blue colour. If you visit the forest on 1 May, you’ll just see the end of the most beautiful period.
There’s some excellent news for the animals in the forest and its many visitors. The City of Halle has decided to close Hallerbos completely for through traffic, as it is a major European nature area. The current arrangement (the forest is closed on Sundays and holidays) will become permanent. This will happen in two phases: In the initial phase (from 1 July 2015) the Vlasmarktdreef and Eikendreef between the Achtdreven and the entrance at the Vroenenbos will be closed. Parking 5 and 6 cannot be reached by car. In the final phase (in 2016) the Lorkendreef will be closed between the Achtdreven and the Kapittel. Parking 4 at the Dries will be enlarged. There will be a parking at the Kapittel. Meanwhile, the current arrangement is being kept. There will be a permanent speed limit of 30 km/h, to heighten the experience of nature in quiet.