Many flowering spring flowers can be found: a few wood anemones, lesser celandine, yellow archangel, greater stitchwort, lords-and-ladies, garlic mustard, herb-paris, bear’s garlic, wood-sorrel, Solomon’s seal, common dog violet. The wild bluebells and the young fresh green beech leaves that seem to float in the wood, create this fairy-tale like atmosphere, nature at its most beautiful. High beeches are still not coming into leaf, due to the continuing lower temperatures. For sure until 1 May every sunny day is a day to take pleasure in the enchanting wood.
Less good news is that some visitors find it necessary to leave the official paths (which are over 40 km long!) to take a picture and thereby step on flowers and young seedlings of trees and make the soil denser, harder. All of these will become bare patches where bluebells have disappeared forever.
How stupid and disrespectful to this magically beautiful but fragile nature that people from all continents come to admire.