“It’s only for the picture.” Always the same excuse for going off the path, walking in the footsteps of some earlier visitor who sneaked into the wood, creating a ‘small path’ which was not there in the morning. “There aren’t any flowers where I’m standing, are there?” Indeed there are not, not anymore now, but only a few days ago or even this morning there were.
A worldwide rare vegetation, top-level nature protected by Europe, only found in old forests, that has taken a long time to be as it is, not resistant to trampling at all. So magnificent that people from all over the world come to see it. It gets destroyed in the blink of an eye, for a picture. What a shame!
And the bluebells are not even flowering fully yet. The magical time has only just started. It is possible to enjoy the flowers and take pictures, on the paths. Fortunately there are a lot of visitors who do respect this unique spring beauty.