These days, you can enjoy the fairy-tale colours and lights, from sunrise to sunset. Young transparent beech leaves fit perfectly with the purple blue sea of bluebells. Together they give a peaceful sensation. Even in those parts of the forest with oaks, hyacinths bloom beautifully.
In the forest, there are a lot of official paths along which this wonderful spring event can be enjoyed. But even then, a lot of visitor leave these official paths, to walk on tree leaves or through the flowers, or to sit down in the flowers to take pictures. That is a big pity, because that is exactly what bluebells can not handle. Right now, their leaves are forming a new flower bulb for next year. By trampling them, this tiny flower bulb is destroyed and there will not be a flower, only a bare patch next year. The same goes when stepping on dry beech or oak leaves between the flowers. The small root that comes from the hyacinth’s seed will not be able to penetrate the soil there, and there will be no new flower there in the future. This is how the bare patches along the paths get bigger every year and some consider them paths (but they are not official paths at all). Do you want to enjoy this beautiful forest and protect it? Then always stay on the official paths and never step on places where there are dry tree leaves, do not trample on the bluebells and their leaves. Thank you!