If the forecast is correct, Monday to Thursday will be very nice days in the forest, dry and a bit sunny. Less good news is that a number of high beeches are coming into leaves (= less light for the bluebells), that is a few days earlier than last year. Hopefully the forecasted cold at the end of the week delays this, and the purple-blue spring lasts until next weekend. Definitely on the slopes lots of bluebells need some warmth to thrive.
Saturday afternoon, 23 April is the annual “bluebell jogging”. The start and finish are outside the forest. The runners pass through some of the main avenues in the forest. This doesn’t cause a lot of trouble for walkers. But the fairy tale atmosphere is better experienced during the week, when it is much quieter in the woods. The light comes through the living stained glass window of blue-violet flowers and delicate fresh green beech leaves. If you come in the morning, you get delightful birdsong on top.