The beautiful period with the wild daffodils ended a week earlier than in previous years. And that is mainly due to the many intense rain showers in recent weeks. Here and there you can still see a late bloomer. On sunny days, the wood anemones are now the most striking spring bloomers. Their white flowers face the sun to absorb as much heat as possible and thus attract pollinators. Their flowers are so close together that it looks like there is snow in the forest. In addition to the goat willow and blackthorn, the sweet cherry now also blooms in the forest edge. The white, closely spaced blossoms catch the eye from afar. A wild bluebell blooms here and there. But where a blue carpet of flowers is expected, it is mainly the green of the bluebell leaves that color the forest floor for now. Yesterday the installation of the rope started to keep visitors on the paths and thus protect the tread-sensitive vegetation and not disturb the fauna. Also where there is no rope, everyone must always stay on the paths. The entire forest is a protected nature reserve. The forest now looks different every week and it is wonderful to enjoy the budding spring.