Practical information about the organization of the Bluebell Festival can be found on this page.
The Vlasmarktdreef will be closed to traffic from Saturday April 8th. It is recommended to use Parking 11 Houtveld and Parking 1 Hogebermweg from then on.

It is now ‘wood anemone time’ in the forest. On a sunny day, all flowers are open and facing the sun. In large parts of the forest there is a sea of white flowers. On the plateau of the ‘Tranendal’, the first wild hyacinths (bluebells) provide the beginning of a purple-blue carpet of flowers. The flanks of the valleys will remain ‘green’ for the time being. Due to less sunlight per day, flowering always starts slower there. Along the edges of the paths, the Belgian gagea will bloom for a while. The ‘yellow suns’ of Lesser celandine are much more and will also give color to the edges of the paths for longer. The pointed inflorescence appears between the large leaves of the Lords-and-Ladies. Wood sorrel flourishes on acidic soils and in the shade of coniferous trees. The next 8 to 10 days you can enjoy the Wood anemones. Flowering bluebells are added every day.