The beautiful time is coming to an end. A lot of bluebells start withering. The beeches get more and more leaves as the days go by, leaving less and less space for the sun to reach the flowers. The bluebells start turning pale. But the wood will still be enchanting for the next few days, nice to walk and to relax, do not wait too long to come and enjoy it if you have not been yet. The fresh green transparent beech leaves give a soft diffuse light. In the damp, calcareous valleys, ramsons is flowering abundantly, which is earlier than in previous years. Pendulous sedge with its graceful hanging inflorescence is flowering, as well as sweet scented bedstraw with its fine white flowers, but it is rare in the wood. This weekend is the last weekend of the free shuttle-bus, from Saturday up to and including Tuesday 1 May. More information.