Wood anemones have been pollinated and start withering. On the sunny edges of the paths, Lords-and-ladies and garlic mustard are blooming. Nothing is as peaceful as walking in a purple-blue fairytale-like wood under fresh green translucent young beech leaves. This is a spring experience not to be missed. The plateaus, where the sun can spread her warmth the whole day, are colouring deep purple-blue. The bluebells’ flower stalks are growing, thereby carrying the flowers higher than their green leaves, hiding the green carpet. The cooler valleys and flanks are gradually getting the irresistible spring colours, but a lot of bluebells are still in their buds, it is going to be a race against the time for bluebells that have to start flowering yet. The warm spring sun is tempting the beech leaves to get out of their buds, a few high beeches are already coming into leaf. As long as not all beech leaves are starting to grow, all will be fine for the bluebells as the sun can then spoil them and the bumblebees can pollinate them. A bluebell’s leaves are now making a new bulb for the coming year. So do not destroy them by stepping on them to take a picture. Getting off the track, standing on the forest floor, makes the forest floor more dense, too dense for the tiny roots, that come out of a bluebell’s seed in autumn, to pierce through the soil. Meaning: no new bluebells. Please take your pictures staying on the paths. The next 8 to 10 days will be of an intense beauty in the forest.