The shadow is winning over the light in the forest. And it is precisely that light, and the higher temperature over the past two months, that has given the spring bloomers the chance to get leaves and flowers, until the trees block the sunlight and keep it for themselves, as the crowns of the trees gradually grow denser and the leaves gradually become less transparent. Bluebells now only bloom in sunny places. The pollinated flowers no longer dangle like a bell, but straighten up as the ovary begins to swell, while the purple-blue petals wither. At the end of June, beginning of July, the black seeds will fall from the dried capsule. Many other plants are now blooming along the paths: bear’s garlic, sweetscented bedstraw, herb Paris, herb Robert, wood speedwell, greater stitchwort, yellow archangel, Solomon’s seal, lords-and-ladies and garlic mustard. Spiked rampion is ready to start blooming. On the leaves of limes, the horn-shaped galls of Eriophyes tiliae stand out. The time when the forest floor transformed into a beautiful intense purple-blue flower carpet, is over.