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Flowering season 2014

info: in the central part of the forest, (in the ‘Achtdreven’) trees have been felled this year (wood extraction). Trunks and crowns are lying in various places in that part of the forest and there are piles of firewood along the trails. From 1 March to 30 June however, the wood extraction stops (“schoon” time) and the loggers are not allowed to continue their work. “Schoon” time comes from the German “Schonen” meaning ‘save’, ‘protect’. The “schoon” period helps to protect the vegetation (spring flowers), to ‘ save’ and not to disturb the nesting birds.

804, 2014

April 8th, 2014|Flowering season 2014|Comments Off on april 8th

The light in the forest is different every day and changes the colours in the forest accordingly. Today we see a tender shade of purple and green. A lot of bluebells haven’t started flowering yet. Only a single high beech starts getting some leaves. It’s a pure delight to walk in the forest.

704, 2014

April 7th, 2014|Flowering season 2014|Comments Off on april 7th

The play of colours has now begun. Deep purple flowering bluebells are combined with transparent bright green from the young beech leaves. This is exactly the sight that many nature lovers are looking forward to seeing. Let’s hope  that the high beeches don’t start getting leaves soon, so that the fairytale can last for some more time.

504, 2014

April 5th, 2014|Flowering season 2014|Comments Off on april 5th

The first young beech leaves appear on the low beech. On the plateaus the magical time has started. But the next days the purple blue color will get even more intense. The valley flanks get a first hint of purple. There are more flowering bluebells every day.

404, 2014

April 4th, 2014|Flowering season 2014|Comments Off on april 4th

Great contrast between the valleys, who are still ‘green’ and the flowering bluebells on the plateaus.

2803, 2014

March 28th, 2014|Flowering season 2014|Comments Off on march 28th

This weekend the forest will be beautiful with flowering anemones. The warm period until the middle of next week will help the bluebells to come into bloom.
The many beechnuts and acorns from last autumn have ensured that there are plenty of mice. Because tawny owls feed their young with mice, this year there are more owlets.

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