Not all trees are convinced that spring has started and are waiting to get leaves. The result is that the sun reaches the flowers here and there and creates a play of light and shadow over the bluebell carpet. When the sun disappears behind a cloud, the bluebells seem to change colour and the forest floor is filled with a soft pastel purple-blue colour under a transparent light green foliage. The heart-shaped leaves of Celandine can still be found in the edge along the paths, their yellow star-shaped flowers have finished blooming. In the meantime, other spring bloomers bring colour there: Herb Paris with its graceful flower, Wild Garlic, the overhanging flowering stem of the Common Solomon’s seal, Wood Speedwell with its small blue flowers, Garlic Mustard, Greater Stitchwort and Yellow Archangel. The young leaves of the red beech provide a stained glass window in all shades of orange, red and brown. The beech leaves are only a few days old and they are already covered by the horn-shaped galls of the beech gall midge.