Cold, but wonderful weather for a walk. Ideal for enjoying a forest in spring colours. The persistent low temperatures slow everything down a bit. The Wood anemones are wilting, but slowly, and in some places they still form a flower carpet of white solar panels that do not lose sight of the sun. The tall beeches are getting their leaves, but slowly. A few high beeches already have young leaves. But it is mainly the low, thinner beeches that provide a fresh green stained glass window above the purple-blue carpet of Bluebells. The low temperatures keep the pollinators away, bumblebees, bees and hover flies. The sweet hyacinth scent is not in the air yet. But the flowers do create a fairytale atmosphere. Especially where the sunlight reaches the flower-filled forest floor, it creates all possible shades of blue and purple with the shadows of the trees. Meanwhile, Greater stitchwort, Herb Paris, Garlic mustard and Yellow archangel are also blooming. If it doesn’t get warmer and the high beeches don’t get their leaves out of the buds in the coming days, you will certainly be able to enjoy the fairytale forest until the middle of next week.

Update 28/04/2023: the Vlasmarktdreef will remain closed for cars until Sunday 07/05/2023, opening again on Monday 08/05/2023.