For over three weeks, the wood anemones have filled large parts of the forest with a white sea of ​​flowers. Now they are wilting. The reserves to cover the forest floor with a sea of ​​white flowers again next year, after the daffodils in March, have been replenished in their rhizomes. The leaves of the bluebells are doing the same preparation work for next year. But they put the reserve materials in a new bulb. At least where photographing visitors have not trampled the leaves. For the bluebells it becomes a race against time to flower and get pollinated. The oaks and beech trees are sprouting. Every day more young fresh green, now transparent, leaves appear on the trees. Exceptional this year is the wonderful bluebell scent that has been filling the forest for days. Together with the drumming woodpeckers and the singing birds, this makes a walk in the forest a wonderful, relaxing experience.