The flowering stems of the bluebells extend above their leaves, which are increasingly slumped due to the weight of their length (and long cells with few partitions). As a result, there is now a deep blue-purple flower carpet in the forest. The bluebells continue to smell wonderful. Every day there are more tall beech trees with light green transparent leaves at the top of their crown. The oak leaves too are budding further. For the time being, the sunlight is still reaching the forest floor and flowers. It is wonderful to walk in the forest and experience the vibrant colours of spring.

Bluebells are delicate and easily damaged, especially if they’re trodden on. Damage can prevent the leaves from photosynthesizing, causing the plant to die back. Bluebells take many years to get established, so minor damage can have long-lasting impact. Help to look after the bluebells by sticking to the official pathways. By doing so, you do not compact the soil and new plants can germinate. In this way, the forest remains magically beautiful in the spring for future generations.