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April 14th

The wood anemones are also still blooming and together with the purple-blue of the bluebells that creates a beautiful carpet of flowers in the forest on a sunny day. A purple-blue sea of flowers is gradually appearing on the flanks of the valleys, but not all flowers are blooming there yet. There are also many bluebells with flower buds on the plateaus that will open in the coming days. Anyone who comes to the forest can enjoy a wonderful floral scent at specific times. If you can, come for a walk during the week, when it is much quieter in the woods. There is a special free walking brochure for this period. Here you can find the maps of the brochure: map 1 and map 2.

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April 12th

On Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th, Monday 18th, Saturday 23th, Sunday 24th, Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1 May, the Vlasmarktdreef will be closed and Parking 2 Bosmuseum and Parking 8 Achtdreven will not be accessible by car. It is recommended to use Parking 1 Hogebermweg or Parking 11 Houtveld. On those days there is a free shuttle bus every half hour from 9 am to 8 pm between Halle Station and Parking 2 Bosmuseum in the Hallerbos. In Halle there are also stops on Baseliekstraat (stop ‘Park’) and on Welkomstlaan (where there is a long parking strip). There is free bicycle rental at the Station in Halle, on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends and public holidays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During those three weekends and on Easter Monday between 9 am and 8 pm, people with a less mobile card can drive to Parking 8 Achtdreven. The forest now looks more beautiful every day, with more bluebells in bloom. It’s best to come during the week to enjoy the spring in the forest. Always stay on the official trails for hikers also when taking pictures. Never walk in the bridleway or stand next to the path. In this way you protect the forest, you do not damage plants, you do not compact the forest floor so that plants can germinate there and you do not disturb animals.

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April 11th

The sun and higher temperatures bring a lot of bluebells to bloom. A few more warm days and there will be an intense purple-blue flower carpet in the forest. Flowering is traditionally slower in the valleys. Now is the time with both blooming wood anemones and bluebells and full sun on the forest floor. Hornbeams and limes are already well in leaf. The buds of the oaks are sprouting and it won’t be long before the first leaves appear. Between the tall beeches are some small, dominated beeches in leaf. The wispy fresh green leaves provide some color between the gray trunks.

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April 9th

Wood anemones are the most striking bloomer in the forest. When the sun shines, they provide a white flower carpet in the forest. More and more bluebells are blooming on the plateaus where the sun warms the forest floor in the morning. But most plants still have low-seated flower buds. There will be an intense blue carpet of flowers in the forest until the warmth of the sun brings more flowers to bloom and the flowering stems begin to stretch and protrude above the green leaves. But on a sunny day it is already wonderful to enjoy spring in the forest. The bluebell walking loops are marked in the forest and tree banners with the walking map are displayed at important intersections along the loops.

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April 6th

The blooming of the bluebells has slowed down due to the cold days. Flowering is gradually starting on the plateaus, but the flanks of the valleys are still completely green. The wood anemones have had a bit of a break from the snow and the rain showers. And now they wait back for sunny days to fill the forest with a white carpet of flowers.

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March 30th

Roe deer enjoy the peace in the forest in the morning. Common dog violet blooms along the edges of the paths. But the small purple-blue flowers are less noticeable than the yellow star-shaped flowers of lesser celandine. The wood anemones are in full bloom. On sunny days they fill the forest with a white flower carpet. Most of the flowers are snow white, but there are also wood anemones with pink hues. The exceptionally high temperatures and sunny days have also triggered the flowering of the wild hyacinths. But with the colder period ahead, the evolution of the blooming of the hyacinths will be slowed down. The forest areas with wild hyacinths look mainly green for the time being. The green of their still young awl-shaped leaves. If you are looking forward to a purple-blue flower carpet, you need to have some patience.

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March 24th

The bloom of the wild daffodils is past its peak. Belgian gagea grows almost on the path. This year with an exceptional amount of flowers. It is a bit of a search for the beautiful blue flowers between the dark green leaves of dwarf periwinkle. The edges of the paths are filled with yellow star-shaped celandine flowers. Wood anemones are now the most striking bloomer in the forest. Once the sun provides enough warmth, their white flowers open and a snow-white carpet of flowers appears in the forest. Here and there a blooming hyacinth emerges. But of the bluebells, it is currently the still growing leaves that stand out and turn the forest floor green.

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March 17th

Yellow catkins decorate the male willows. In the forest edges, the snow-white flowers of the blackthorn bushes stand out. The snowdrops are starting to wilt. Belgian gagea blooms very inconspicuously along the edges of the paths. The delicate yellow flowers are barely noticeable. The yellow star-shaped flowers of celandine are less shy. But just like the wood anemones, they are real sunbathers and as long as the sun is not out, the flowers remain closed or hang out looking at the forest floor with a bit of disappointment. Wild daffodils are now the most striking bloomers in the forest. The grass-green leaves of the wild hyacinths poke through the carpet of old brown beech leaves in large tracts of the forest. The deer are still enjoying the peace in the forest for the time being and nibbling their bellies full.

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March 11th

In sunny weather, the yellow star-shaped celandine flowers glitter low to the ground along light-rich forest edges. Here and there there are already small spots with flowering wood anemones. As with celandine, their white star-shaped flowers are only open when it is not raining. The wild daffodils are now in full bloom. Almost on the path, Belgian gagea is ready to bloom.

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March 21th

The guideline concerning corona only allows walks in the vicinity of the residence. It is forbidden to come to the forest by car.
Enjoy a walk in your neighbourhood. This is to prevent the spreading of the corona virus.

Wild daffodils are flowering but starting to wither. Wood anemones are the most conspicuous flowers in the wood now. Lesser celandine with its yellow, star-shaped flowers can be seen on the edges, along the paths. A few blue bells start flowering on just very few places. The next cold days and nights will halt their growth.

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